Friday, July 6, 2007

Welcome to the EIC blog!

As President and CEO of EIC, I look forward to esoteric exchanges with those of you who get the fact that the entertainment industry takes the hit for a multitude of faltering institutions in society…the convenient fall guy…the easy out…the victim…barraged with blame for the inadequacies or failings of others. In fact, there are so many wonderful contributions made by our industry daily that contribute to a healthier, more informed, and better-educated society…all while entertaining people in the process.

Yet, news of these contributions of “good” doesn’t play in the news…for as sexy as entertainment industry seems, it’s not sexy enough for its good works to get coverage.

For as violent as we may be accused of being, there doesn’t seem to be enough action in our positive messaging to catch a headline.

And for as indecent as our industry can be accused of being, the reality is that the vast majority of entertainment professionals are decent people with good intentions who struggle to be creative and produce “good” works in the face of criticism from the outside.

Has my message struck a chord with you? Whether you agree or disagree, I want to know what YOU think. Your comments will help shape this discourse.

For now, my message is simple: I defend the actions and the rights of the entertainment industry’s creative community, and I encourage them to continue their good works, and challenge others to start paying attention to not just the bad and the ugly, but the good.

And I haven’t said anything about freedom yet. Write ON!



domino said...

the world has been changing, shock tv is history so why not encourage the industry to do good.

domino said...

Caught the show, held my interest most the time, actually some of it was really good, and more I think about it parts that were slower were really just subtle and that is probably good and not a turn off. Interesting that different topics are being shown...that's a good idea...most issues are related in some way anywaysd